The Global Plant Council

National plant and crop science societies and organisations from around the world have established the Global Plant Council (GPC) to provide a strong voice for plant science in addressing global issues. The GPC is a research driven network, which has its roots based in understanding plants and their interactions with the environment. In collaboration with others, we will strive to bring this knowledge in to the policy and decision making arena to develop plant-based solutions to many of the problems currently facing humanity.

The Global Plant Council is a registered not-for-profit entity representing over 50,000 plant and crop science experts on 5 continents.

Using its wide geographical distribution and wealth of experience, and working in partnership with national and international stakeholders, the GPC aims to

  • Be an advocate for plant and crop science at the global level to increase awareness of the centrally important role that plant research can make towards solving the most critical global problems we currently face.
  • Act as a catalyst to generate plant-based solutions for sustainable intensification of agriculture while preserving biodiversity and protecting our environment, reducing world hunger, and improving human health and wellbeing.

Our Blog

The opinions expressed in the GPC Blog are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the GPC.

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