The early-career period is one of the most stressful stages for a researcher. And based on overwhelming support detected among respondents to our 2018 survey, the Global Plant Council has recently established an ECR International Network, the ECRi.

ECRi is a collection of activities addressed to help the ECRs with 4 essential pillars:

  • job hunting,
  • grant funding,
  • dissemination of research results,
  • and networking.

The Facebook group launched as part of this initiative has gathered almost 950 members. Besides Facebook, Global Plant Council is additionally employing other social media communication strategies, such as a monthly Twitterstorm of job ads, sharing commonly over 100 positions per storm. Recently, a new #plantscijobs group in Linkedin has been established.

Beginning in 2019, we are organizing workshops, at international conferences and online,  that will target ECR training in disseminating their research.

2019 Program

For 2019 three activities have been launched:

  1. The monthly #plantscijobs “storm” on Twitter. The principal Global Plant Council twitter account has, as for today, 6,818 followers.  During one-hour, we tweet multiple job offers from the Global Plant Council principal Twitter account with the hashtag #plantscijobs
On the January 2019 the #plantscijobs twitterstorm, the job opportunities posted reached 27,000 impressions. The primary source of those job opportunities are the Global Plant Council members.
As for today, 950 people have joined the Facebook group from all around the world: USA, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Germany, Australia, UK, Italy, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ecuador,…
  • Finally, and in order to facilitate networking among the ECR, Global Plant Council will intensify its use of Plantae, as you know, a plant science focussed social platform that the Global Plant Council helped to set up.  
  • Additionally, we have set up a mailing list where ECRs can sign-in here.

Please contact Barry Pogson (, Chair of the Global Plant Council and Isabel Mendoza (, Communications Officer with suggestions. Any offers of help in rolling out this network will be greatly appreciated.